Chai Shirt & Dress

Chai Shirt & Dress

I have just lately started to participate in pattern testing and loved it from day one on. It might have been beginners luck that I was accepted in 2 testings. But when I came across a call for pattern testing for Itch to Stitch I figured I wouldn’t have any chances. But then Kennis send me a note, saying I was part of the gang to test her new Chai Shirt and Dress.

Erst seit kurzem habe ich das Probenähen für mich entdeckt und wurde gleich in 2 Teams angenommen. Ich hielt es für Anfängerglück und bewarb mich dann mit eigentlich wenig Hoffnung bei einem Probenähaufruf von Itch to Stitch, den ich per Zufall entdeckte. Zu meiner großen Überraschung und noch größeren Freude bekam ich eine Zusage.


Shortly after Kennis uploaded the pattern, I printed it out and glued it together. For my first try I chose a kind of viscose that I once bought about 3 m of. I figured, if it doesn’t work out, I will still have enough do make something else out of the rest.

Gleich nachdem die erste Version von Kennis hochgeladen wurde, druckte ich es aus und klebte es zusammen. Für meinen ersten Versuch wählte ich einen Viskosestoff, von dem ich noch 3 m im Stofflager hatte. Ich dachte mir, wenn das nichts wird, habe ich noch immer genug Stoff, um etwas anderes aus dem Rest zu machen.






But my first try turned out to be almost perfect. The instructions  were already at the first try quite clear. Just when it came to the sleeves I was a bit surprised as I hadn’t noticed before that they were a mild version of puff sleeves. I usually don’t like them at all. So there I sat and wondered for a while how to get out of these sleeves, but eventually sewed them as instructed. And eventhough I am still no big fan of puff sleeves, sewing them in is so much easier than normal sleeves. And when I tried on the shirt for the first time with the sleeves, I was absolutely happy with them. They have a wonderful fit and don’t look like puff sleeves at all. The only thing I changed later for my second blouse was the length of the upper part by 1.5 cm.




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